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Learn how to properly draw trend lines, recognize trends, and monetize the Support & Resistance when trading forex -- or any high-volume market. Learn to use different trading tools when it appears in different trending environments inside or outside of a S/R Range. Mastery, topic-related course. In this course, I reveal everything I know about the topic covered in it. Nothing I know I hide from sharing with you. This coverage is also included in several paid education packages, as part of a logic teaching structure. This course is a must for all traders that want to learn to trade the CONDI Way - and make steady, consistent profits from their trading. Do not look elsewhere for a better school - take this course now at a heavy discount - and benefit from my 15+ years experience of trading the financial markets. Do NOT repeat the same old mistakes causing 95% of traders to fail! This course is perfect for you even if you're totally new to trading!
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Mark W. Stupka

Mark W. Stupka worked at one of the world's finest advertising agencies – Mayer/McCann Ericksson. He also tasted work life at Deloitte, the biggest name in management consulting in the world. Consequently, he took a 1on1 course on pro trading with a living trading legend in the U.S., and decided to attend to his University Major - Finance. He ended up working with several high-income individuals, managing assets totalling tens of millions... Mark has also recently taken the challenge and applied to study towards the Nr.1 most prestigeous financial designation in the world - CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). His CFA studies are underway. Mark is member of the CFA Society in the EU. Mark knows what you need. He knows you want results – and want them as fast as is physically possible! He is thrilled to be your instructor.

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This course has been created and is owned by CONDI TRADING™ (our Founding Partner) - an independent Investing House. Within the course materials and videos, you will therefore often see the CONDI TRADING™ logo. Do not be confused: A-Z Trading Academy is in fact a child project of Condi Trading.


There may be thousands of 'all-including' trade courses online - but in this one, you'll learn JUST what you need to succeed.