REALLY LEARN™ : 10+Year Proven Trading System For Crypto, Forex, Futures, Stocks, FAST TRACK - BASIC

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EXTENDED VERSION - Absolutely unique, universal Trading Multi-System that was developed by countless iterations and adjustments from the 3 original Gepard Trading Systems on the market 10 years ago, now supercharged, with added extra subsystem and specs. The best part? The system is EASY TO LEARN AND SETUP. Backtested 10+ Years Superior, fine-tuned Pro System backtested for steady profit consitency. This is the main system followed in the independent CONDI Trading House. Suitable for any trader regardless of style and scale of managed assets, and for any market instrument. CONDI is a shortcut for “Conditional Convergence / Divergence” Trading Strategy. For more insights, read full Course Introduction below.
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Mark W. Stupka

Mark W. Stupka worked at one of the world's finest advertising agencies – Mayer/McCann Ericksson. He also tasted work life at Deloitte, the biggest name in management consulting in the world. Consequently, he took a 1on1 course on pro trading with a living trading legend in the U.S., and decided to attend to his University Major - Finance. He ended up working with several high-income individuals, managing assets totalling tens of millions... Mark has also recently taken the challenge and applied to study towards the Nr.1 most prestigeous financial designation in the world - CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). His CFA studies are underway. Mark is member of the CFA Society in the EU. Mark knows what you need. He knows you want results – and want them as fast as is physically possible! He is thrilled to be your instructor.

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This course has been created and is owned by CONDI TRADING™ (our Founding Partner) - an independent Investing House. Within the course materials and videos, you will therefore often see the CONDI TRADING™ logo. Do not be confused: A-Z Trading Academy is in fact a child project of Condi Trading.


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